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Photographer capturing boudoir model on bed in Junction City studio.

Discover Your Beauty and Confidence

Maybe you're a busy woman with everything pulling for your attention? Maybe it has been a while since you felt sexy/confident?

Do you ever just need a confidence boost?

Oh, you’re in just the right spot, my friend!

That's where I come in.

Stephanie Ford is a boudoir photographer in Eugene, OR.

I'm Stephanie,

I work with my clients to reveal their inner beauty and sexy confidence in my studio in Junction City, OR.
If you are looking to feel empowered in front of the camera, then let's chat!

  • I have a rescue dog (possibly at Tibetan Spaniel) named Katie. We are very attached.

  • I enjoy watching tv series over and over on dvd. My faves include: Star Trek Voyager and Rizzoli & Isles.

  • I am a huge believer in life-long learning. Let's chat books, podcasts, and online classes.

  • I am an Oregon native and believe it to be one of the most beautiful states.

  • I am a lazy adventurer...give me car rides over serious hikes any day!

  • My favorite season is fall...bring on the cooler temperatures, fall colors, etc.

Stephanie Ford-1.jpg
Beautiful long hair female models underwear in studio

Ready to give yourself/ your person the greatest gift?

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